About us

Industries & Case Studies

Delta Staffing is a full service, technical staffing company who specializes in matching quality candidates into a broad range of industries including:

  • Advanced Automotive Engineering
  • Military/Defense
  • Alternative Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication
Our customers include a full-spectrum of Fortune 500 companies along with many up-and-coming leaders within these industries. We believe in our process no matter what the industry sector, and have a long list of repeat clients that do, too! From Engineers to Designers, Technicians to Programmers, we help our candidates find fulfilling careers within a vast array of technical disciplines including Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Hybrid Technology, Manufacturing and even Construction Management to name a few. Whether you are looking for the perfect candidate or the perfect job let Delta Staffing do the work to reduce your time-to-fill saving time and money or to find the best job opportunities.

Advanced Automotive Engineering

Powertrain engineering has always been at the heart of our expertise, so when our client called us to help on a new light duty hybrid engine, we were ready. The OEM wanted prototypes and full dyno data in a hurry, and our client was understaffed. Delta provided management personnel as well as design engineers, eventually converting several to full time hires at the end of the project.


A leading military vehicle OEM needed to expand its design and engineering team quickly to meet timing objectives set by the US Government.  Rather than taking all the time required to vet resumes, schedule interviews with busy managers, and on-ramp employees through varied orientations, Delta took the reigns.  We put on an interview blitz, selected the best and brightest, got them trained in new software and had them onsite working in a matter of weeks.  We were so successful in our efforts that we formed a sub-company to manage the effort, and currently employ and manage the Detroit Engineering office..

Alternative Energy

A relatively start-up level company came to Delta at the Wind Power show in Chicago. They heard of our expertise in technical staffing, and needed a team to take a concept through to production without adding long term overhead. We were able to assemble designers, technicians, and advanced engineering staff in about a week to take the product to the next level. Client was very pleased and is currently marketing their next generation wind turbine, designed by Delta.

Information Technology

A large Tier 1 supplier needed to pull off an Active Directory migration in a short time frame.  Their current supplier had failed, and the deadline for implementation was fast approaching.  We had already earned the client’s respect with our engineering expertise, so they gave us a chance to “break in” our new IT team on a hot project.  Implementation was completed on time and within budget.

Aerospace Technology

A large aerospace engineering supplier was having difficulty finding talent for their senior level, highly technical engineering openings. We presented a plan to screen qualified aerospace engineers Nationwide, and arranged in-person interviews at the customer site (away from the Mainland USA). We successfully placed a Sr. Structural Engineer with this company, and have ongoing interviews for other development positions.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our client was a small stamping company that had been in business for over 50 years.  They had recently won a large contract from a major axle supplier, and needed to expand capacity.  Unfortunately, over the years their operation had grown in fits and starts, so they plant layout was not optimal.  We were originally tasked with simply staffing up for the new machinery, but the project grew into a complete plant redesign.  We utilized our industry connections to help the client move some machines to a new facility while their plant was updated, and production goals were met.


Our client was awarded an MDOT contract to install and maintain the traffic camera system around metro Detroit.  This required finding people with a variety of skills – RF, microwave, base electronics, and Cisco communications.  All while also being able to operate lift trucks!  We were able to assemble a top notch team that allowed them to extend their contract several times.