About Us


Precision Hiring System

Job Description

We cover every possible facet of the position, so there are no surprises when our candidate meets with you. Our technical backgrounds allow us to ask the right questions to the hiring manager and candidate.

Precision Screening

A checklist of the critical skills necessary to perform the duties of the position. This means you will never waste time with an unqualified candidate.

Hiring Manager Profile

Studies show many people spend more time interacting with coworkers than family, and even the most technically skilled employee will fail in the wrong environment. We make sure that our candidates are not only qualified, but a good match for your group.

Once we have completed our up-front work, we will provide qualified candidates for your consideration. We provide a professionally-formatted Candidate Submittal packet for each candidate. We include complete contact and background information, including references. We also conduct an initial performance-based interview and provide candidate answers.