Delta Is Different
In the age of technology, finding the right fit between a job candidate and the job opening has never been more challenging. Delta finds that today’s hiring managers want two things:

A Staffing Partner that truly understands what they’re looking for.

A proven way to ensure that only the best candidates are presented.
Scientific Selection
Delta Staffing has a solution that meets that challenge better than its competitors. We’ve created  an innovative approach that applies the proven principles of Six-Sigma to the candidate screening  process. Delta Staffing’s standardized data-driven approach helps reduce costs and speed up the hiring-cycle while improving the quality of hires and the experience of our clients.
Technical Experience

While most recruiting companies use human resource practitioners, Delta has professionals with technical and engineering backgrounds doing the recruiting. Delta’s patent-pending process for candidate screening incorporates a multi-stage method that includes behavioral-based interview questions and technical criteria about the client.

Proven Track Record
Delta works with medium-sized companies, many auto suppliers as well as Fortune 500 companies representing engineering, IT, healthcare, financial and sales industries. The company concentrates on technical positions utilizing an extensive network of contacts in the engineering community.